Web tracking

Track visitors and identify companies

Beagle has a system that allows you to analyze the way your visitors use your site and content in the long term. Instead of seeing statistics about large groups of visitors, you can see how each individual behaves and what triggers their interest. In many cases, Beagle can also identify the company the visitors are coming from.

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Visitor Profiling

Profile visitors by their interest

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Generating leads is just part of the recipe for success in a well oiled marketing and sales machine. Another key aspect is understanding the needs of each person in your sales pipeline. Beagle provides you the best way to profile and segment leads in the market.

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Lead Scoring

Measure the activity of your visitors.

Every single action of leads get tracked and scored with points. Leads with higher scores are closer to a buying process and more ready to talk to you.

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Form engine

Create forms for lead generation

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The key to lead generation is forms. They allow visitors to get hold of valuable content and they allow you to identify them in the long term. Beagle simplifies the process of creating and using smart forms in any website.

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Mail engine

Easily send emails to your leads

A key component of any marketeers tool set is email. With Beagle you can send trackable mails to existing leads or new prospects and get detailed stats about the performance of your email.

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