Beagle has a system that allows you to analyze the way your visitors use your site and content in the long term. Instead of seeing statistics about large groups of visitors, you can see how each individual behaves and what triggers their interest. In many cases, Beagle can also identify the company the visitors are coming from.

Knowing the total number of visitors in your website is great. Everyone is using some kind of analytics suite to see if there are more visitors coming to the site each month. There is a little catch though. You don´t really know who all these people are. Are they competitors? Are they friends? Or are they actual customers with concrete questions that need to be addressed now? It is pretty obvious that treating your visitors as mere statistics is not going to help you sell more. You need to get personal.

Beagle allows you to study each single person’s behaviour in your site during long periods of time. Usually, when a customer starts a buying process they do it online, and it can take weeks or months. With our individual-based analytics, you can see exactly what your potential customers are looking for.