Generating leads is just part of the recipe for success in a well oiled marketing and sales machine. Another key aspect is understanding the needs of each person in your sales pipeline. Beagle provides you the best way to profile and segment leads in the market.

When you implement Beagle in a website, you can tell the system what are the subjects, product areas, or interests that predominate on each page of the site. The same applies to each form.

When a potential customer browses your site or downloads your content, we gather this behaviour pattern and create an easy-to-read interest chart. The interest chart is an extremely powerful tool for any sales person. Knowing what a lead is interested in makes it much easier to start a personal dialogue in a successful way. 

Even better. In a world where search engines are withholding information about the keywords that users use to get to your site, Beagle will bring this information and even more back to you. 

User profiling can also be used to create collections of leads and, soon, to send batch emails to people with common interests. Speaking the customer’s own language can take you places!