Understanding Email in Beagle

Beagle has a streamlined and easy to use email engine for outbound marketing. It is not designed to send millions of mails with complex html templates. On the contrary it has been designed for highly targeted, relevant and personal email engagement with leads or prospects.

Beagle can track when each user click in the links contained on an email. If the recipient is already in the database the event gets recorded in its profile. On the contrary if that is the first interaction that the recipient has with your company Beagle will create a new lead in the database with an associated cookie. This means that outbound emails are an excellent way to get new leads in your funnel. 

One interesting feature is that any link in the body of the message can be tracked. This includes links to your website but also links to any other URL on the internet. Content curation, or sharing relevant content even if it was not created by you, is a great tool to drive sales and engage potential customers. The more interesting the content, the better. 

Of course opening emails and clicking in links get scored too, adding to the total scored of a lead. 

All email campaigns have detailed reporting about email opens, Click Through Rates at a campaign level, but also per individual. 

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