One of the most common uses of lead generation forms from Beagle is to allow access to your visitors to downloadable content. The best way to do this is to send an auto-responder email to that person so you ensure they provide a valid email address. Beagle makes it trivial to send mails at form submission.

Go to the Forms area in Beagle and edit or create a new form. In the last group of settings, enable the checkbox marked as "Send auto-response to submitter of form.” This will reveal a number of fields with different settings.

From, Name: Here you can specify the visible name of the sender of the auto-responder mail. For optimal deliverability, we recommend using an actual person as the sender of the mail, rather than a generic sender.

From, Email: Here you can specify the actual email address that will send the mail. Again we recommend against using addresses in the style of or It is better to use actual email addresses, both for increasing trust in the recipients and also to establish a human connection with your potential customers.

Subject: This will the subject of the mail. There are hundreds of articles on how important it is to write the right subject line to ensure the recipient of a mail actually opens that mail. Keep it straight to the point and relevant, and it is always wise to refer to the actual content requested by the lead.

Body: Here you can write the actual message of the email. Right now we keep this area at a bare minimum because simple is always best. In the near future, we will be adding new functions and features for this field. If you want you, can use html for this area, especially if you want to create a link to a file or a page.