How to stop leads from using free email providers

In some occasions visitors tend to use their private email addresses when submitting a form. This can be a problem, as many of these emails are cryptic and don’t reveal much information from the lead. Some users even create throwaway email accounts to be able to download your precious and expensive content anonymously.

To ensure that most users use their professional email addresses Beagle forms have an option to blacklist free email providers.  To activate this option just go to the form where you want to activate this option and mark the checkbox labelled as “Prevent submitters of form to use a non-corporate email”.

When you activate this option a couple of new fields will appear. In the first field you can write the email domains that users won’t be able to use as a valid email in that form. Out of the box you will find the field pre-filled with some common free email providers such as gmail, hotmail, etc.

You can add any domains you want, so for instance you could blacklist email domains from competitors, or some other specific free email provider from your particular area.

How to add new blacklisted domains? Just write the full domain (without www or anything else) like this, etc). Sometimes you want to block all domains from gmail, for instance. Then just add the domain ending with a dot and without the domain sufix (.com, .net, .es, .de…). For example, Gmail. blocks all the versions of gmail, including the local ones.

One important thing to remember is that this list of blocked domains affects all the forms that have the domain blacklist function activated. If you add or remove domains from this field it will affect all other form handlers in your Beagle account.

The second field “Blacklist Error Message” is the message that will be shown when an user tries to use one of the blocked email domains. Just write a short sentence that will be shown when this happens. Something like “Please provide a valid corporate email address” should be sufficient to convince users to use their valuable corporate email address.

Remember, both the blacklisted domain and the error message is shared among all forms in a Beagle account.

Does this blacklist function work just for iframe forms or also for AJAX? The blacklist function works for both form integration methods. Iframe forms will handle all the error message handling, whereas AJAX forms will return an error code that you will need to handle in your integration code.