iframe forms - Styling

Iframe-based forms look great out of the box. They have a neutral look so you can paste them into your site and they will just blend in with most backgrounds. Beagle iframe forms also adapt their size to the content and number of fields present on that specific form, so you don't need to worry about specifying their size manually like in other systems.

Although iframes are quite easy to use, they have some limitations. The main one is that the design of your website does not apply to the content of the iframe form. This means that you cannot just style them in the same CSS that your site uses. To allow customization, you can call a CSS file from within the iframe itself, and that way you can create your own design.

If you need help from a web developer for design changes in your site, ask the developer to provide you with the absolute URL to a CSS file. Something like "http://www.yoursite.com/style/site.css". Then proceed to the form creation page (or edit an existing form), and in the section Style, and text paste that address in the first field, labelled as "CSS file URL.”

After you save, Beagle will load that file inside the iframe and your web designer will be able to apply custom styles with the usual workflow.