What type of form should I use: iframe or Ajax?

Forms are probably the most important component of Beagle or any other marketing automation system. They are the components that allow anonymous visitors to convert into leads by leaving their email and other personal data. It is usually forms that are the biggest time consuming elements when setting up a marketing automation platform in your site. We have spent quite a lot of time thinking and developing our forms so they are as easy to use as possible, while maintaining essential functionality.

Beagle's forms can be used in two different ways. The first and easiest way is as an iframe. Iframes are a small box that loads content into your website exactly like the youtube videos. The only thing you need to do is create a form and paste the iframe in your website. The second way of using forms is via a more advanced AJAX integration. This type of integration offers some advantages to web developers, as they can send information back and forth and perform some other validation processes. It is quite a straightforward integration that requires more technical knowledge, and therefore it is recommended for technical users.

You don't need to choose between the two types when creating a form handler. A form handler can act both as an iframe and an AJAX endpoint.


The iframe has some basic and neutral CSS applied, which might be enough for your needs. However, you can supply your own CSS to gain more control over the look and feel. The HTML has been crafted with good styling capabilities in mind. Field labels and error/success messages are also configureable.

Ajax (Javascript)

Ajax endpoints offer much more flexibility but require more technical knowledge. You will need to build and style the form (HTML/CSS) yourself and also hook it up to some Javascript. If you are a geek or just want to be in charge of everything and care about every little detail when it comes to UX, this is probably your best choice.