Installing Beagle in Wordpress sites

We just released a plugin to install Beagle's tracking script in your Wordpress site. You can download it here. Soon it will also be available from the Wordpress plugin directory for direct installation.

To install it just unzip the compressed plugin and upload the folder with all the files into your wp-content > plugins folder in your wordpress install. If you have done it correctly you will get a new "Beagle" option available in the plugin page of your wordpress control panel.

Activate the Beagle plugin by checking the box besides the "Beagle" name. If you have done it correctly  you will be able to navigate to the settings area of your Wordpress control panel. A dropdown will appear where the Beagle Plugin setting pages should be visible. Click on it. 

Once you have done that you will be in the actual Beagle Plugin settings page. It is very simple. There is just one area where you will need to write the four character code that we will provide to you when we create your Beagle account. Press in save changes and if everything went ok your Beagle account should start tracking the visitors to your site. 


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