Installing the tracking script

The heart of Beagle is the tracking engine that allows you to gather information about individual visitors and leads in your website. For this complex system to work, Beagle uses a special code snippet or tracking script that you need to place in your site so it is displayed on every single page you want to track.

The tracking script is unique for each site.

This script needs to be placed in the templates of your Content Management System so it is displayed just before the </body> tag of each page. Most modern websites use a CMS to allow for easy editing, and these systems have a series of files (usually php) that conform the structure and content of each page. In Drupal, a typical candidate template in which to paste the script is page.tpl.php, whereas in Processwire it can be

In any case, we are happy to help you out if you don't have your own web developer that will install this in no more than ten minutes.

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