Your first day with Beagle

So now the Beagle tracking script is installed in your website and it is working. Here are the things you should do to get generating customers straight away:

1) Check the Visitor tab in Beagle. Here you can see all the visitors to your site in real time. In many cases Beagle manages to identify from which company the visitors is coming from. 

2) Create your first form and paste on your website: It is very likely that your website is not generating leads right now, despite having valuable visitors. The fastest way to get them identified inside Beagle is to paste forms in your articles and offer some downloadable content (a PDF, an infographic, a brochure...). Just create a form and paste it in key pages in your site. For an even better integration you can contact your web team or us directly. 

3) The third thing you should do is sending a group email to the leads that you already have in the database or to people that you want to get as customers. Go to the Email page and create your first campaign. It is very important that your mails are personal and contain a link to some interesting article in your website or outside. The links are tracked and as soon as a person clicks in them you will start seeing the information from that visitor inside Beagle. Note: Only links starting by http:// or https:// are tracked!

4) Start creating labels for the different pages of the website. Labels will help you profile the visitors based on their interests. 

5) Create your first collection based on labels. Collections are the way you can group all leads that have a common interest, or have submitted a give form. You can send email campaigns to collections, and that way you can contact them about the subjects that really interest them. 

6) If you have adwords campaigns running, it is very convenient that you modify them so they are tracked properly by Beagle. You can read more about Adwords Conversion Tracking here.

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