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One common question we get from customers is "what happens when a lead deletes its cookie?". The quick answer is that leads and their activity history are kept in the database connected to the original cookie. It can happen that a given lead returns to the site after restoring their web browser. In that case Beagle will assign a new cookie to the visitor which will remain anonymous. But what happens if that very same user fills up a form again with the new cookie? 

There are two possible scenarios:

1) The user submits a Beagle form with the same email address he used before. In that case Beagle will just take the old lead and the new lead and merge them into one, combining all the history under the different cookies. 

The same happens if the user submits forms from different devices with different cookies. They all get combined into a unique lead.

2) The other alternative is that the user submits a form with a different email address. In that case Beagle does not merge anything. If one of the Beagle users knows with certainty that the two leads with different emails are actually the same person there is a method to manually merge leads. The procedure is as follows:

Go into the lead you want to use as master. Click it so you see the history of the lead. Under the lead name and email you will notice two small icons marked as options and edit profile. If you click in options you will see an icon that says merge with.

If you press that link a new dialog box will open. There you will see the current lead or master lead and a small search box. Write the email of the secondary lead that you want to merge with the current one. You can actually select several leads at the same time and merge them together. If you chose the wrong lead you can remove it from the merge list by clicking in the bin icon. 


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