How to track conversions from Adwords

Since December 2014, Beagle works better with your lead generation Adwords campaigns. As you might be aware, Google has started to encrypt a lot of the information regarding the keywords of the visitors arriving to your site. Since 2013, most of the organic visitors coming from Google appear under the keyword (not provided) in the search keyword report of Google Analytics. The reason is that all visitors that are logged into any of the Google services such as Gmail use the secure (and encrypted) https Google version. This has taken a lot of information about SEO efforts from sites. And even more. Apparently, Google has started to hide information regarding keywords from visitors that click in Adwords in some cases. 

Beagle offers good insight into the motivations of a visitor through the advanced interest profiling engine. Even if you don't know the keyword that the visitor used, you will rapidly understand what that user is really interested on. 

We believe that the keywords used by visitors are still very important and relevant information, and we have found a workaround to get that information back into our lead generation engine. 

There is a function that is not very well known from Adwords, that allows you to use some additional codes in the Destination URL of your ads and dynamically insert valuable information from the Adwords campaign. These tags are called ValueTrack. There are many of them available, but there is one that we use called {keyword}. It basically prints the keyword that triggered the ad a visitor clicked.

To track that conveniently into Beagle, you need to append the following code in all the Destination URL's from each adword version in your campaigns:{keyword}

This code basically tells Beagle "grab that information behind tmb_keyword, because that is the keyword that the user used.” Then Beagle will display the information in each visitor or lead history like this:

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