What is the quickest way to generate leads?

Lead Generation requires a lot of trial and error. What works for us might not work for you at all. Beagle will, in any case, give you a lot of information about which marketing activities are actually driving quality visitors and generating quality leads. In this small article, we want to give you some hints of what marketing works best in 2015 for smaller companies that want to generate leads.

1) Put forms in your site: If your site is already receiving a steady flow of visitors from search engines, or other sources, then the easiest thing to do to generate leads is to place Beagle forms all over your site. Of course, you need to be smart. Place forms in visible places in your blog posts, or in the sidebars of your product pages. Beagle works best if the forms are offering some kind of downloadable content to the visitor. Publications such as White Papers or reference cases are always a good bet. People love to learn new things when they are trying to buy a product or a service. 

2) Pay Per Click campaigns, such as Google Adwords or Bing Ads, are a very good way to generate leads. These type of campaigns are a bit more complex to create and maintain than some other marketing activities, but once you find the right combination, they are a proven way to continuously generate leads at reasonable costs. This is very important; when talking inbound marketing or lead generation, you will often read campaigns and it is easy to think of your classic one-off email campaigns. For us, campaigns are activities that you create once and leave running with some minor adjustments. This is a very different way of thinking than in other types of marketing, as you actually build on top of what is already there, instead of starting all over again.

3) Pay per click in LinkedIn. This is a killer one. LinkedIn has proven to be an excellent way to market your company to the right buyers. You can create ads in LinkedIn and target them to a specific region, industry, company size or even job title. So, for example, it is possible to target your ads to Marketing Managers and Sales Managers in companies between 500 and 1000 employees in Germany. This truly is as powerful as it gets.

4) Sponsored updates in LinkedIn: This another favourite of ours. Sponsored updates are a hybrid between a regular pay per click ad and a publication on your LinkedIn wall. Just make smart articles and publications, share them on your LinkedIn company page, and then you can promote them to people outside your network with the same targeting options we already mentioned. Yes, you will have to pay to get your blog entries read, but the quality of the visitors and the conversion rates you will get from those visitors are very good. 

5) Share, share, share. Share your articles in all your social networks, ask your colleagues to share interesting company updates in their LinkedIn profiles, on Twitter or Facebook. This will not only generate direct traffic, but will spread your brand and also influence your SEO as social activity has become a key factor measured by Google to assign ranking positions to pages. 

6) Email blasts. Soon Beagle will have a fully fledged email engine to send relevant content to the leads in the database. In the meantime, get some good email tools and promote your articles with a good old fashioned newsletter. Pro-tip: Too much design has shown to be less efficient than sending regular looking text emails with links to articles and publications in your site. 

There are many, many other ways to generate leads with Beagle fast and at a low cost. The key to it is having relevant, interesting content to share with your potential customers. Nobody really loves to read brochures of products, but we know that interesting articles about a given problem are always welcome by readers. Keep on writing! 

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