Adding a payment method

Beagle is purchased as a monthly subscription with recurring payments. The only payment method is credit or debit card via Stripe. Stripe is a safe payment platform that keeps all the financial information. Beagle Marketing does not store any credit card information in our site or the application. 

Billing in Beagle is done monthly, with automatic charges and invoices sent to your email. Depending on your location and your VAT status the pricing is adapted accordingly. We don't have any binding time, so you can stop your account at any time during the current billing cycle. To stop your subscription just send an email to specifying your account details and we will contact you to verify those details. 

To add a payment method just log in to Beagle and click on the Account menu on the top right section of the system. Once there you will see two tabs. In the first one you can set up your billing and account details.

In the second tab you can specify and edit your credit card information:


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