Identifying companies visiting your site

Beagle attempts to identify which company each visitor belongs to. In some countries it works very well, in others it works less well. As a rule of thumb, it works better for larger companies that own their own network infrastructure. Smaller companies usually rely on regular home-grade broadband connections that change regularly, and that makes it very difficult to track.

We have our own system of attempting to identify a company, but this is not our core business. In some cases, knowing this information can be useful, but in most cases what you really want as a marketeer is to convert anonymous visitors to identified leads with their own email. In any case, our IP lookup system gives a good indication of what type of customers are visiting your site, and if you are reaching the right target groups with your marketing activities.

To see the list of visitors, just open Beagle and click in the menu entry labelled as “Visitors." You can reload as much as you want since it shows visitors in real time. As soon as a new company is in your site, it will be updated in the list. You can also navigate to see visitors in previous days with the labelled arrows.

In the list, we specify the number of events that each visitor has had, and not the score.

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