Returning visitors

Every time a new visitor accesses your site, Beagle will attempt to place a long lasting cookie in their browser. These cookies do not track visitors outside your site as we want to respect anonymity of users while surfing the net. Beagle's cookies focus on gathering information about the interest of your visitors in your site, and especially in the long term.

When a visitor returns to your site, Beagle keeps tracking and saving all activities under the same cookie in the database. When you click in the visitor profile, you can see the different days when it accessed your site, separated by a faint grey bar.

Sometimes it happens that a visitor accesses your site several times on the same day. You can also see that in the visitor history, as these visits will show their own entry point.

If an already identified lead accesses your site after deleting their cookies, the system will create a new visitor placeholder in the database. If the person submits a new form, both visitors will be automatically merged into the original one and you will be able to see all the visits with the different cookies. This is another powerful reason to focus on conversions; that is, focusing all the marketing efforts on offering quality content behind forms so they leave their email address.