How lead scoring works

Beagle tries to simplify the task of identifying leads that are ready to be contacted by your sales department. One way it does this is by scoring every single lead. Scoring means that each activity of a visitor is given a certain amount of points and the total is aggregated in the "Lead Score.” Not all actions are equal, and therefore we assign different scores to a form submission versus a single visit page under five seconds.

It is important to notice that scoring is not an absolute science. What it does is measure quantitatively, and to a lesser extent qualitatively, the activity level of a lead. This does not mean that a lead that reaches 50 points is automatically ready to buy your products. Score is best used as a relative property when you compare different leads. Those leads that have more points are more likely to be interested in your services than those with just a few points.

The consequences of scoring are that you can focus your sales efforts on those leads with more points and more activity. And it also means that you need to spend additional marketing efforts (send mails, share content, etc) with those leads that have few points.

When visiting the lead list in your account, you can sort them by their score so you can see which leads are closer to a buying process.

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